This privacy policy describes how Babysits B.V. collects, uses, and protects your information. Babysits B.V. is aware that your personal data must be secured well. We have internal guidelines that describe exactly how our collaborators must handle personal data. Babysits B.V. will only process your personal data in accordance with the purposes that you provided them for, as well as in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Babysits B.V. values the protection of the privacy of all users of the platform and the mobile applications. We ask you to read this privacy policy that explains how Babysits B.V. uses and protects your data with attention.

Company details:

  • Name company: Babysits B.V.
  • Registration number Chamber of Commerce: 68591950
  • VAT-number: NL857510447B01

Do you have any questions about the processing of your personal data? Please contact us via the contact details at the bottom of this privacy statement.

Privacy statement Babysits B.V.

This privacy statement regards the processing of your personal data when the Babysits websites, mobile application, as well as the provision of services of Babysits B.V. are used.
On grounds of the General Data Protection Regulation, Babysits B.V. is qualified as a data controller. That is why you can find in this privacy statement what personal data are processed by Babysits B.V. and what Babysits B.V. does with these personal data.

Use of our services

When you make use of the services of Babysits B.V., we ask you to provide personal data. We use your personal data to create your Babysits account, to activate, and to verify it. Your data are stored in our systems and are used to be able to provide our services to you.

Your personal data can be used to enable third parties to conclude an agreement with you. The personal data of users are not sold to third parties. Babysits B.V. collaborates with law enforcement and only shares data from users upon request of law enforcement. Babysits B.V. only does so if the platform of Babysits B.V. is abused. In such case, a police report can be filed, for example, by Babysits B.V.

The personal data

If you want to create an account as a parent, we process the following (special) personal data of yours:

  • First and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Password;
  • Address information;
  • Phone number;
  • Bank account or credit card number (only the last 4 digits);
  • IP-address;
  • User-ID (when you link an Apple, Google, LinkedIn and/or Facebook account to this platform, and depending on the settings on your account, data from your registrations with these parties).

If you want to create an account as a babysitter, we will process the following (special) personal data of yours:

  • First and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Password;
  • Address information;
  • Phone number;
  • Bank account or credit card number;
  • IP-address;
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • User-ID (when you link an Apple, Google, LinkedIn and/or Facebook account to this platform, and depending on the settings on your account, data from your registrations with these parties);
  • Profession;
  • Education/diplomas;
  • Skills;
  • Availability;
  • Bank account number;
  • ID;
  • Criminal register check (or local equivalent).

The GDPR grounds

We process personal data on the basis of the following grounds:

Grounds 1 - Consent

Babysits B.V. asks your permission for the use of your personal data. You grant this permission by creating an account on our platform and/or by downloading our mobile app.

Grounds 2 - Necessary for the implementation of an agreement

Babysits B.V. processes personal data because it is necessary for the implementation of the agreement concluded with you. The purpose of the agreement is not directed at the processing of your personal data, but has a different objective, that is, to provide the platform and the provision of services that is offered to you on it.

Data processing

Babysits B.V. collects and processes your personal data with the greatest possible care and only when necessary. At Babysits B.V., we collect and keep the following information you provide us with:

  • Account information. When you register for a Babysits account, we collect certain information, such as your first name, last name, and your e-mail address.
  • Profile information. To activate your Babysits profile, we can ask you for additional information, such as address, gender, and date of birth.
  • Verification information. To create and maintain a trusted community, we can collect verification information, including a phone number and e-mail address.
  • Payment information. We ask families that want to pay and childcare providers that want to be paid
    to provide us with payment information, such as a bank account or credit card information to facilitate the processing of payments.
  • Communication with other platform users. When you communicate with other Babysits users via our messaging system, we collect information about your communications and all information that you want to provide.
  • Booking information. When you use our booking system, we collect information about your booking, payment, and all information you provide us with.
  • User-IDs of contacts. If you register via a Facebook account, we collect the user-IDs of your connections on this platform in order to provide you with more accurate recommendations, and this enables you to see the favorite users of your contacts. On your Babysits profile we also show you your Facebook friends who actively use Babysits as well.
  • Document control: We enable users to provide a Criminal Registration Check (or local equivalent). As soon as Babysits has assessed the document, it is removed from our servers.
  • ID verification. Identity verification is one of the ways we keep Babysits safe. This helps us check that you’re really you. We may collect your facial imagery, ID-number, date of birth, first name, last name, middle name, document type, document issuing country, nationality and address, as well as sophisticated fraud signals and information about the devices that connect with our services. To pay babysitters we may share babysitter IDs with our payment provider Stripe due to regulatory and financial partner requirements. The pictures of your ID-document will not be stored by Babysits after the verification is completed and this may take up to 1 week.
  • Matched Identifier Communications. To enhance our online advertising effectiveness, we may share privacy-protected contact information with third-party platforms. This helps us measure ad performance and may be used to send or withhold promotional messages to individuals on these third-party platforms. Privacy protection involves converting identifiable details (like email addresses or phone numbers) into a secure format to prevent revealing the original information. The third-party matches this data against its own database and there will be a match only if you have used the same identifier (such as an email address) with Babysits and the third party. If there is a match, Babysits can then choose whether or not to send a given promotional communication to you on that third party site or app, and can optimize and better measure the effectiveness of online advertising.

The retention periods

Babysits B.V. observes the legal retention periods for the processing of personal data. Babysits does not retain your personal data for any longer than is necessary to realize the objectives they were collected for. We keep your data until 1.5 years after you have removed your account.

The security measures

Babysits B.V. has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures by using the latest technologies to protect your information against loss, abuse, or unlawful processing. Babysits B.V. uses security measures to keep the collected information safe.

As a user, you can choose yourself whether you render public the personal data on your profile for all Babysits users or only for users that you have been in contact with. If you opt for "everyone", then public search engines (such as Google) and job vacancy websites will include your profile as well.

Babysits B.V. asks the users to help keep the platform safe. You are responsible for keeping your unique password and account information secret. For more information about security measures of Babysits B.V., have a look at the page: Trust and Safety.

Your rights

Right of perusal

You have the right to peruse the information that Babysits B.V. has stored. If you want a copy of the data that Babysits has stored, click on the download button on the page: Personal information.

Right to modification and addition

If you want to modify or remove the data that Babysits has stored, go to the page: Account.

Right to be forgotten

If there are no grounds any longer to process your data, Babysits B.V. will remove your data. This may be the case when you no longer wish to make use of our provision of services, when you object against the use of your data, or when the personal data were processed unlawfully.

Right to restrict processing

In certain situations, we may no longer use your data. In such case, we must (temporarily) suspend the use of your data. This is the case, for example, when we have incorrect information. We may not use such incorrect data and will have to wait until we have the correct information at our disposal.

Right to object

In certain situations, you may object against the use of your data.

If you want to exercise one of the rights listed above, you can indicate this by contacting: Contact page. We will contact you no later than within 14 days.


This platform makes use of cookies to render access to the service easier. If you do not want your data to be stored as a cookie, you can modify this under your browser settings. Cookies we make use of are:

  • Session: to log in and for the use of our website;
  • Keep me logged in: to remember login names;
  • New Relic: to use their service Server Monitoring;
  • Stripe: to process payments;
  • Google Analytics: to analyze the effectiveness of the website;
  • VWO: to analyze the effectiveness of the website.

We use cookies to modify and measure advertisements. The following cookies are only applicable if you have clicked on an ad and have subsequently agreed to the use of cookies to collect information on and outside Babysits:

  • Bing: to analyze the effectiveness of ads;
  • Facebook: to analyze the effectiveness of ads;
  • Google: to analyze the effectiveness of ads;

Google Analytics cookies

We make use of Google Analytics, which is a web-analysis service that is offered by Google to keep track of and report on activities on our website.

In order to remain transparent and protect our users, we have:

  • Concluded a Data Processor Agreement with Google;
  • Anonymized IP-addresses by removing the last eight digits from the IP-address;
  • Deactivated the sharing of statistics with Google;
  • Deactivated use of different Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

Data that are collected, processed, and stored in Google Analytics are safe and are treated with confidentiality. For more information about Google Analytics cookies, we advise you to go to


If you have questions, comments, or complaints about this privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us:

  • By e-mail: Contact page
  • By regular mail: Babysits B.V., Vasteland 78 (no visiting or pick-up address), 3011 BN Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

You can also contact the European Oversight Agency for data protection (EDPS) about the use of your personal data: The EDPS is the independent European authority for data protection. They monitor the processing (collection, use, transfer, etc.) of personal information by EU institutions.